Hey there, it’s Roman here, a network engineer who decided to swap the job role and pour some DevOps sauce on top of the network engineering base. And it seems that the timing is just perfect to write down all the things that I will encounter on that transition path. Hence, the idea to spawn a blog was born.

Lucky me, the name came almost instantly, thanks to the community that generated another sound buzzword for guys like I wanna be – NetDevOps. So here we are at https://netdevops.me!

What is this all about?

This blog will be my diary on a journey to embrace

  • Scripting and tooling (Network Automation, Config Management, Test Automation, CI/CD)
  • Virtualization, containerization and orchestration
  • Networking in the cloud providers infrastructure (aws, gcp, azure)
  • Nuage Networks VSP operation

The type of content you could expect to appear here can be described (but not limited) by the following categories:

  • Intermediate level tutorials in the above mentioned areas judging that a reader has a network background
  • Tips and tricks, i.e. terse posts covering a particular workflow or technique

Other projects

My other blog – noshut.ru – dedicated to Service Provider routing technologies in general and Nokia SROS in particular will stay alive, though I do not expect to write more pure routing topics anytime soon.

I will heavily rely on another paradigm CL – continuous learning – meaning that many of my posts here will be of a ** type

How to reach me

I am pretty active on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also drop me an email dodin [d0t] roman {at} gmail.com