Decoding gNMI with Wireshark

Updated on 2022-01-19

Okay, here goes my first attempt fitting the shoes of a content creator.

Please welcome the NetRel episode 001 - Decoding gNMI with Wireshark, it is a 35min journey of using Wireshark to parse the gNMI traffic (both non-secured and secured).

I won’t spend your time explaining the first episode; instead, let me tell you what I want the NetRel series to be about. I am interested in covering the aspects of network automation that are not widely covered.

Luckily, my main line of work often offers me chances to work with the technologies relevant for webscalers. Hence, I will focus on the advanced content and not waste effort on the beginners' videos. A few broad topics that I wish to cover along the way:

  • Go for network automation
  • YANG based automation and programmable interfaces
  • k8s as a network control plane
  • gNxI interfaces

Quite convinced a few more topics will stem in time, but these are the current candidates.

Now a few words on why YT? Why now?

1.5 years ago I was willing to die on the hill of the text-based blogs. I do still love blogs and think they offer the best signal/noise ratio for knowledge transfer. But over time, I noticed how video blogs become dominant. I realized that I land on YT more often than stumble upon a text blog. So, as a viewer, I see how video material is getting ahead in terms of audience coverage and views.

The video genre also makes it easier to add interactivity to your content. Gifs & screenshots can’t compete with a hands-on demo you can record with a voice-over. This was the second plus on the blogs-v-videos scales that inclined me to try out going solo on YT.

As far as content creation goes, in my case, the time required to create a video is > time needed to craft a blog post. But I can see how this can improve over time. The more you get used to the editing process and grow your library of intros/callouts/etc, the easier it gets. What helped me overstep the barrier of spending too much time in editing is making a contract with myself. If I stutter, misspel a word or make a grammar mistake I roll with it. Minimum cuts, maximum time to work on the content itself and not its form.