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Upscaling images#

You know how in TV shows with IMDB rating ranging from 5 to 7 cops use that magic image recognition software that transforms the cctv image of a bad guy from the "mashed potato" quality to the Vogue cover? Yeah...

But recently I needed to upscale the AI generated logo I made for Clabernetes project, and the quality was "meh", since it was a free service from Bing and whatnot. So whilst it was printable, the DPI was not good enough. So I decided to try my luck and google for these AI-powered image upscale services; frankly, my hopes were quite low.

The first hit with a fishy DNS name - - did not reinforce my beliefs that this is all a gimmick. But I tried, and it was legit good. It upscaled my logo while removed the noise and blurriness from the original image.

Here is the comparison:


So yeah, something I wanted to save here because I will likely use it next time as well.