Nothing bad in knowing how many lines of code or text out there in your repo. You don’t even need your VCS to convey this analytics. All you need is git, grep and wc.

# count lines in .py and .robot files in /nuage-cats dir of the repo
$ git ls-files nuage-cats/ | grep -E ".*(py|robot)" | xargs wc -l
       0 nuage-cats/robot_lib/
     817 nuage-cats/robot_lib/lib/
     409 nuage-cats/robot_lib/lib/
    1841 nuage-cats/robot_lib/lib/
    2964 nuage-cats/robot_lib/lib/
      26 nuage-cats/test_suites/0910_fail_bridges_kvm_vms/0910_fail_bridges_kvm_vms.robot
   13636 total

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Cloud-native revolution pointed out the fact that the microservice is the new building block and your best friends now are Containers, AWS, GCE, Openshift, Kubernetes, you-name-it. But suddenly micro became not that granular enough and people started talking about serverless functions!

Brian Christner, Docker & Serverless: Brian Christner, Docker & Serverless:

When I decided to step in the serverless property I chose AWS Lambda as my instrument of choice. As for experimental subject, I picked up one of my existing projects - a script that tracks new documentation releases for Nokia IP/SDN products (which I aggregate at

Given that not so many posts are going deeper than onboarding a simplest function, I decided to write down the key pieces I needed to uncover to push a real code to the Lambda.

Buckle up, our agenda is fascinating:

  • testing basic Lambda onboarding process powered by Serverless framework
  • accessing files in AWS S3 from within our Lambda with boto3 package and custom AWS IAM role
  • packaging non-standard python modules for our Lambda
  • exploring ways to provision shared code for Lambdas
  • and using path variables to branch out the code in Lambda

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virsh is a goto console utility for managing Qemu/KVM virtual machines. But when it comes to deletion of the VMs you better keep calm - there is no single command to destroy the VM, its definition XML file and disk image.

Probably not a big problem if you have a long-living VMs, but if you in a testing environment it is naturally to spawn and kill VMs quite often. Lets see how xargs can help us with that routine.

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Just about a week ago I struggled looking for a quick way to record a screencast for my team members on Windows. When it comes to OS X my tool of choice is QuickTime all the time: it is free, built-in, and simple to use. But win7 lacks a similar built-in replacement, so I ended up googling “screencast on windows free”.

Can’t say that I spent the whole day installing and trying different alternatives, but there was no obvious winner there. In the end I used OBS, which is a free but pro-tool for streamers and game players. Lots of tuning options, capture settings, scene selectors. Did I need them all? Obviously I did not, but other tools were unusable in their free editions.

And today my twitter feed introduced me to Loom which seems a nice and modern way to record screencasts when working in teams.

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Initial commit

Hey there, it’s Roman here, a network engineer who decided to swap the job role and pour some DevOps sauce on top of the network engineering base. And it seems that the timing is just perfect to write down all the things that I will encounter on that transition path. Hence, the idea to spawn a blog was born.

Lucky me, the name came almost instantly, thanks to the community that generated another sound buzzword for guys like I wanna be – NetDevOps. So here we are at!

What is this all about?

This blog will be my diary on a journey to embrace

  • Scripting and tooling (Network Automation, Config Management, Test Automation, CI/CD)
  • Virtualization, containerization and orchestration
  • Networking in the cloud providers infrastructure (aws, gcp, azure)
  • Nuage Networks VSP operation

The type of content you could expect to appear here can be described (but not limited) by the following categories:

  • Intermediate level tutorials in the above mentioned areas judging that a reader has a network background
  • Tips and tricks, i.e. terse posts covering a particular workflow or technique

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