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If you like the topics I touch upon in this blog and you want to get notified when a new post comes out - consider subscribing via one of the following mediums.

Social media#

I am an active Twitter user and besides tweeting about network automation, announce new blog posts as they get out. You can find me there as @ntdvps.

If twitter is not particularly your game, we may get connected on where my handle is in/rdodin. I am announcing my posts there too.


💀 What is dead may never die. But, hey, if you still ride the RSS wave, I have you covered. This blog publishes two feeds:

  • - feed is updated whenever a new post is created.
  • - feed is updated whenever a new post is created or updated.

Depending how thoroughly you want to monitor my blog you can choose between those two.


What is more reliable than email? Probably, nothing. You can get notifications in your mailbox by piggy-backing on the RSS feed using one of those RSS-to-Email services.

I personally use a free blogtrottr service, but if it doesn't suit you, there are other options like feedrabbit and IFTT.

In blogtrottr all you need to do is to enter in the site input and type in your email. Then select which feed you want to receive (see rss section for an explanation).